Mo-Om Objects are various works in different mediums that I create while I become a mother.
Breath and air Transposition of air between bodies, 2020. Fill a plastic bag with your air and throw it from one hand to another, creating an arch on the air. Look at the plastic bag as it travels in the air, and envision the air that came out of your body, which now keeps the body of the bag inflated. Keep your arms open as they establish roughly the recommended 6 ft. social distance. Envision the air that travels from one hand to another.
Sex is Here Lef: acrylic on canvas, 14X11". Right: a photo of the same canvas cut in a bowl with orange peel. 2020. I am currently investigating the difference between slogans and mantras. I am doing a series of paintings in which I write the phrase "Sex is here" to remind me of the presence of sexual energy in the totality of our lives. I want to see beyond the highjacking of sex by porn in our culture. Then I cut the painting to transform it into meditative acts and transpose the slogan "sex is here" to a mantra experience through repetitive acts. After cutting this painting, I opened oranges for my daughter. Peeling the oranges, making an effort not to break the peels felt like a meditative act. Capitalism robs us of our creativity in many ways. Slogans, I suspect, rob us of the emptying of our thoughts that we can achieve through prayer.
Highjack Acrylic on cotton, 18 x 14", 2021. The word “sex” is one that immediatly brings tons of things to us, from sensations in the body to clear images in our thoughts -- and sex is, of course, the most common way to make babies. I started to work with this phrase in my own life after having Helena, because I started to search where else I could experience erotic energy in my life. I found deep resonance in Audre Lorde’s text “Uses of the Erotic,” which is in Adrienne Maree Brown’s book “Pleasure Activism.” In this text, Lorde speaks about the hijacking of sexual energy by pornography and capitalism, and expands the notion of the erotic. This work is part of a larger investigation I have about the relation between mantras and slogans.
Good Enough Medal Sports Medal, 2 1/5" Diameter, 2021 (8 units). Working with the “good enough mother” concept by the psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott: the good enough mother is an emphasis on the fact that the mother is a human being -- and not a machine! -- his is a modern preoccupation. He wanted to remind and assure mothers that the oscillations and the cycles, the ups and downs, that is, the successes and the failures are all necessary parts of the caring of a baby. The format of the medal brings the recognizing of excellence, while the phrase in it, “good enough,” brings the acceptance of inherent failure.
The Creation of Order Photograph, 2020. After my daughter leaves the house, I organize the materials we used to play and find that nature and culture are the same.
WWW Tibetan paper and photograph, 2020. A series of five photographs in which I used a Tibetan paper with a hole, in reference to the work by Antonio Dias, Niranjannirakhar, 1977. In my work, the paper's hole speaks both to the void and to a universe of possibilities. In connection to the title, I had the idea of creating this work while I was organizing my website, thinking about the "online presence" in the www. Then thinking about the letter "w", which we don't have in the Portuguese alphabet. In this particular image, confronting the emptiness of my womb after my daughter was born and the new possibilities of creation of life in my body after one pregnancy is over.
All the rocks my daughter got in the river organized to please me. Rocks on paper, 2020. . Ongoing project with multiple versions. My baby daughter collects rocks when we are out, and often I end up with multiple rocks in my pockets. I organize the rocks on paper either to assemble them in a "scientific" manner to observe their qualities or create abstract images.
Eat your greens. Yogurt on canvas, 2020. There are many ways to interact with a months-old baby, one of them is through the creation of safe paint with yogurt and food colorant. I found the quality of the painting exhilarating and my dog Lygia loved it too.